Free patterns xmas ornament in crochet

Free patterns to decorate your christmas tree

Nobody has missed the christmas mood floating in the air these days. You’ll soon have to take your christmas tree out, decorate it and prepare the whole house for Santa’s coming.

And there is no better way than making your own ornaments by yourself. I offer you a list of free patterns to find inspiration and prepare festivities with some kind of originality.

  1. Various characters heads by AmigurumiBB’s Blog

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Various characters patterns
    this tiny guys always have a smile on their face.

    These friendly characters will fill your tree with good vibes.

  2. Mandala ball by AnooCrochet

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of Mandala ball
    Balls can’t be missing in your tree!

    Maybe it’s not the easiest ball to do but it will give a different and original touch to your tree.

  3. Multicolor ball by A Conversation with Moo

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of multicolor ball
    Another kind of ball to avoid monotony.

    Much easier than the previous one, this ball suits well if it comes with its details.
    (The pattern of the sheets and the star come next)

  4. Holly by Attic 24

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of holly
    Is there a sheet that represents better Christmas?

    Even if it comes as part of th previous pattern, this holly sheets can be used to decorate doors, tables or furnitures.

  5. Xmas star by Jelly

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of star
    Third and last pattern in relation with the multicolor ball.

    With one or various colors, alone or in a garland, this star can decorate your house the whole year.

  6. Xmas star by the new crochet

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of star
    A starred sky is so beautiful, we can do the same with our xmas tree.

    Another pattern of a star, almost a snowflake, mixing yarn for an elegant result.

  7. Star by Little Woollie

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - star in crochet
    A star in crochet perfect for the top of your xmas tree

    An easy-to-do pattern, full of colors and easily customisable. With these stars, you’ll fill your tree with joy fast.

  8. Poinsettia by June

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - poinsettia
    Elegance and simplicity in the same pattern

    One of my favorites patterns in this list. This ornament will give a lot of impact to your final decoration.

  9. Garland by Jean Herman

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of garland
    Which color you want for yours?

    They consume less than saving bulbs or LEDs! This garlands let you pick the color you want to adapt it to the rest of your decorations.

  10. Candy cane by June

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of candy cane
    Don’t eat them, even if they look tasteful!

    Even if they don’t taste as the original ones, they have the benefit of being reusable from year to year.

  11. Gingerbread man by Tejiendo Perú

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of gingerbread man
    Your tree will not be finished till having one knitted gingerbread man.

    Who doesn’t like gingerbread man? Personally, I’m happy only by seeing this biscuits.

  12. Sleeping girl by Owlishly

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of sleeping girl
    Shhh! You’ll wake her up!

    Even if it’s not a classical christmas character, the rest of this angel will bring peace to your house, and more if you put wings to her.

  13. Bicolor sock by Shara Lambeth

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of bicolor sock
    If you don’t have a fireplace, hang it in your xmas tree.

    Today, few houses still have a fireplace to hang the socks. That’s why the christmas tree is the best substitute to keep this tradition alive.

  14. Mitt with snowflake by Mary Jane Protus for Red Heart Yarn

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of mitt
    Making them a bit bigger, kids can wear it!

    To complete our set of tools against the cold, theses mitts can be used to hide bonbons too.

  15. Xmas wreath by Lily Sugar ‘n Cream

    Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of details for wreath
    Welcome to my humble abode

    This wreath goes a bit further as it’s not an ornament for our tree by itself but we can perfectly take its details separately to decorate our christmas tree.

Bonus: Xmas tree by Lilleliis

Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of Xmas tree
Really useful if you have few space.

After seeing so many ornaments for our xmas tree, the tree itself couldn’t miss. Besides, Lilleliis’ patterns are between the best!

Bonus 2: Cup cozy by Bernat

Xmas ornaments in crochet - Pattern of cup cozy
But if it’s our nice Rudolph!

This practical cup cozy is useful twice: to keep the hands hot but without burning them with the coffee (or tea) heat.


With all these models, the only thing we can miss now is time to knit them all.

And you, which ones will you do? Share your thoughts, ideas and photos in the comments or on the facebook fanpage of  les Loulous de Lou.

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