These are the only plants that will not lose their color, even if you forget to water them. You’ll always feel their joy next to you. They’re a wonderful gift that doesn’t need care. Available in various sizes, there are various models, colors and compositions possibles, as much as cactus species.

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Matrioshka, the mother who keeps your secrets

This matrioshka is not an ordinary mother, she doesn’t keep other nested dolls inside.

This mother keeps with love all what you entrust to her, from small souvenirs to jewels. This small box is made to leave all what you like inside, because mothers are endless sources of affection.

It’s based on a Japanese patron by Snow Drop. It’s 12cm tall, acrylic wool made, with security eyes and embroidery in cotton.

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Free patterns xmas ornament in crochet

Free patterns to decorate your christmas tree

Nobody has missed the christmas mood floating in the air these days. You’ll soon have to take your christmas tree out, decorate it and prepare the whole house for Santa’s coming.

And there is no better way than making your own ornaments by yourself. I offer you a list of free patterns to find inspiration and prepare festivities with some kind of originality.

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